The Underrated 90s Films



Richie Rich (1994)

A rich young boy finds his family targeted in an inside job and must use his cunning to save them. (IMDb)


I love Richie Rich. It may be a family/children’s film, but that kid still lives a life that I dream of (minus the missing parents). A McDonalds in your house. Just imagine all the nuggets you could consume! This is a film that I can watch time and time again. I remember staying up late one night, well past my bed-time just to watch it on TV for the hundredth time. To me it never goes old. It’s one of those films that I’ll probably end up watching with my own kids one day; just to tease them about how much less fortunate they are than Richie Rich.


The Pest (1997)

A Miami con man agrees to be the human target for a Neo-Nazi manhunter, in order to collect $50,000 if he survives. (IMDb)


The Pest is one of the most absurd films I have ever had the pleasure of watching. This film was my first ever impression of John Leguizamo as an actor, and to be honest it really set the bar as for the standard of his work – which probably doesn’t say much if you’ve seen it. I first saw this film when it came out on VCR (cringe) after spending the day swimming in the hot W.A. summer sun and eating my body weight in Smith’s crisps (our friend’s dad was a top dog at the factory). I was quite possibly a little delirious from swallowing too much chlorine and from far too much sun, but it was the most hilarious thing that I had ever seen (and probably didn’t understand). Even now I still think its amazing, but more because I laugh at it, not with it.

This is quite possibly the best bit of the film, but I still recommend watching the whole thing.


Batman & Robin (1997)

Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City. (IMDb)


Batman & Robin was the first Batman film I ever saw (give me a break, I was 7 when it came out). I LOVED the fact that there were a female superhero and a female villian–keeping in mind that I did not know about Wonder Woman etc. How could you possibly go wrong with George Clooney (Batman), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Freeze), Alicia Silverstone (Batgirl), Chris O’Donnell (Robin) and Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy)? It still remains as my favourite Batman film. I am aware how silly that sounds, and how unpopular that opinion might be. It’s just so hard to ignore Arnie all jazzed up in glittery silver body paint and Uma Thurman with crazy red hair and poisonous lips.


BASEketball (1998)

Two childhood friends are pro athletes of a national sport called BASEketball, a hybrid of baseball and basketball, and must deal with a greedy businessman scheming against their team. (IMDb)


Considering that this film was written by and stars the creators of South Park – Trey Parker and Matt Stone – it is pretty much exactly how you expect it to be. BASEketball is vulgar, crude, offensive and completely absurd, but it is also hilarious. This is another film that I found via my older brother. It quickly became the greatest film in existence (only to me) and I watched it on the regular. My day was full of quotes like “Dude, you’re a little bitch!” and “Just hanging out, playing Nintendo”, both of which make zero sense out of context, so now you have to watch it.

Or you could just watch this compilation of some of the funniest scenes from the film:


Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

A small-town beauty pageant turns deadly as it becomes clear that someone will go to any lengths to win. (IMDb)


I almost included Drop Dead Gorgeous in the first two blogs, but it just didn’t quite fit into the themes. However, I have finally found its place. It is a film that deserves far more credit than it receives. I always have and always will have a soft spot for both Kirsten Dunst and Kirstie Alley, but when you throw in a Southern American accent, they just tug at your heart strings even more. It is a very female driven film with some incredible actresses from before they were known more widely. And I absolutely love how it pokes fun at the American pageant system. It’s another film that is honestly quite ridiculous, but if you’re still following this blog, you should know by now that I am all about ridiculous films.


Idle Hands (1999)

A teenage slacker’s right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent. (IMDb)


This is another completely ridiculous film that I just can’t help but adore. It has actually been a very long time since I did watch this film, but it’s one I always remember. You can apply as much innuendo as you want to a teenage boy’s ‘possessed hand’, throughout the entire film, and it never get’s old: “his hand won’t stop”. There’s a cheeky appearance from The Offspring, and even a couple of those odd actors that you rarely see in anything, but when you do you’re like “ohhhh yeahhhhhhh, that guy. I forgot about him”. The best thing about this movie is that it was made at a time when Seth Green was still good at stuff that isn’t Robot Chicken.


Mystery Men (1999)

A group of inept amateur superheroes must try to save the day when a supervillain threatens to destroy a major superhero and the city. (IMDb)


One of the main reasons that I even watched this film when I was 9 years old, is because it features Janeane Garofalo who plays Heather Mooney in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, and Kel Mitchell from Kenan and Kel and Goodburger. Mystery Men is pretty much the opposite of every other superhero film that you would have seen, and that is exactly why I love it. You spend the majority of the film feeling second-hand embarrassment for the characters, and sympathetically laughing at them. Ben Stiller even plays a character that doesn’t completely suck/annoy the absolute shit out of you. It’s worth a watch just for that if I’m being honest. 


Office Space (1999)

Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss. (IMDb)


Basically, these dudes work for a shitty company and find a way to steal a tonne of money undetected and it obviously goes very, very wrong. The beauty of this film is found in its main character Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston). He just does not give a fuck about ANYTHING. It’s amazing. He is so completely jaded and over his job/life, that he turns into this sarcastic, charming guy. he somehow manages to score Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) AND DOESN’T FUCK IT UP, which still amazes me. These guys spend this entire film with some hidden ‘get out of jail free’ card and walk off into the sunset. You can sort of pretend to relate to their lives in the beginning, but then Hollywood kicks in and you realise that even these sad dudes have it better than you. That’s when you turn the film off and get back to your overdue assignments, because you really do have more important things to do.

I’m sure you’re curious what is happening in the above photo, and what that poor photocopier ever did to deserve a beating, so here is the clip:

I realise that it doesn’t really provide any explanation, but it’s fun to watch anyway.

I hope you get a chance to check out some of these movies, even if you don’t watch the whole thing. It’s definitely a good way to procrastinate or waste a day.





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